What you need to know about shopping online

We are aware shopping online is something that terrifies people. “Indeed we should be terrified when we are pulling out there our card information” I once told myself. Now that I own an online store, I have got to realize the game out there. An online store is made by many things: a domain, a web host, wooThemes, wooCommerce , paypal , stripe, simplify commerce,… all these make the store. They all are protected by confidentiality agreements that we cannot get access to your cards. All we see is the money you paid, how you paid it ( card or paypal). We do not even get the money right away. It takes us seven days to get the money from stripe ( pay with card). And we also do not get the full money, we pay taxes from the money you paid. All this to clarify on how owning an online store is beyond the website you see. It’s systems working behind the scenes to protect customers and the owner. That’s why Abigaelle closet guarantee you protection, your cards are protected, your paypal accounts are protected.

Shopping online is  also not an easy thing but it saves you money and time. I have been shopping online for a long period now. For that reason, I am going to share my experience and also tell you more about Abigaelle closet. I remember the first day I shopped online as if it was yesterday. I was in need of a dress. By the way, Ladies you know how Macy’s or wherever you get your dresses are expensive. If you know me, you do know I can spend a lot on beauty products but when it’s about clothes, I have first to find the right deal. I googled Amazon, searched through dresses until I found a beautiful white dress. The dress was cute, in fact so classy. I went ahead,clicked on my size which was small that time and ordered. I waited for two weeks to get the dress. When I opened the package, I was happy! The dress was not 100% the same like the image but it was 95%. And that’s fair because those images are taken by a pro camera. But I got mad when trying the dress, the small size couldn’t fit me. I told myself that I won’t shop online again, I blamed the seller until I realised It was my fault. I cannot walk in stores and just get a small size without trying it. The same way, I could not have got a small size without asking the seller if he or she can help me figure out the right size to buy. Yes, there is no try option online but there is a “contact seller “ option. Every seller has a size chart of every product in stock so it is part of his or her duties to guide you. Since that day, I started chatting with sellers as if they were my best friends lol. Online shopping becomes fun, great until now.

Abigaelle Closet was made for you to help you save your time. Instead of spending two hours at the mall, you just spend fifteen minutes on our website finding what you need. When you get stuck, remember we are at your service, feel free to ask any question you have. We will help you find you the right sizes. Again we are at your services, email us, send us messages, let us help you find what’s you need. We have worked hard to find good products from our wholesales partners just for you. Also  remember the pictures we have were taken by a pro camera so expect the ressemblance to be about 95% to 99%. You may wonder where do we get them? We get them from Catalogs we are given by the wholesales when we purchasing our  stocks.

Again and again and again we are here for you, feel free to contact us and let us help you.


By Judicaelle Irakoze