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Someone once said that in order to succeed you must protect three things: Your vision, passion and decisions. Nothing from the outside should affect them. It is now that I understand it. Owning a business is not easy but it’s doable. When the vision is still deeply rooted in us, it is safe. It can surely be attacked by our mind but the same mind protects it. But when the vision is already open to anyone, it is no longer safe. Anyone says, reacts, in whatever way he or she wants. Many have started small things and in their way of becoming bigger, they lose the main purpose. I believe there is a reason behind anything.

Just like the person who started the refrigerators we use had a main purpose of keeping the food safe longer and also offer us the possibility of drinking cold drinks, we all have reasons behind everything we do. I started Abigaelle Closet for two reasons that I don’t hide:

­                First, Restore Decency into this world. Nowadays, it seems we are going back to antiquity with fashion. It’s all about nakedness. Being naked is the new classy. What was the purpose of clothes in the beginning? I guess it was about covering the nakedness. But nowadays, it seems that it’s no longer safe to hide, you better show what you got. Medias have created an image which shows girls that the more they show, the more they are attractive or beautiful or whatever. Ladies are leaning on their boobs exposed to get a man. By the way, don’t get me wrong. I am talking about girls because I am a girl and also because we are the most affected. Briefly, Abigaelle Closet came into my mind as a restorer which will take the world back to modesty. A tool to tell the world that you don’t have to be naked to be well dressed. A place where ladies and little girls who believe in modesty and decency can be free to reveal who they are in their styles.

­                The second reason is money. Who doesn’t need money? I could have said money is everything but people who have it can testify that at the end of the day, it’s nothing. But we all know it’s better to cry in a Cadillac than on a bicycle. So I wanted the store to be a source of income not only to me but also to my employees and many who will work for me. Actually they won’t work for me, they will be working for themselves because Abigaelle Closet is a family.

However, many entrepreneurs fail in keeping up with their main reasons. I mean mostly the first one. Few rarely forget about the second one. I failed with keeping up with the first one because I was asked to choose between decency and money. Get me right, here is how things happened. When I was choosing what to sell on my store, things were easy, in fact very easy. No one knew about it, only I and my vision were the ones leading the wheel. But things changed when the store was launched, customers took the wheel. By the way, if you plan on having a business, know that customers can make your life or ruin your vision. Some really made my life. And others ruined my vision.  I found myself in a place where I had to choose between telling a customer that we don’t sell that kind of clothes or search around wholesales so I can’t miss the money. So I found myself focusing on fulfilling the second reason and forgetting the first one until I remembered a Ted Talk I watched and that lady was sharing on how we must protect our vision so our environment cannot affect it. She said:“ Always, take your vision’s side” . She was right, so right that I have chosen now to follow my vision. Because at the end of the day, my vision is supposed to bring me money instead of money adjusting my vision.


Dear customers and visitors, We Prone Decency!


– Judicaëlle Irakoze

– Editor: Thiena Corlie Gapfasoni