Yes, I love Abigaelle closet. But why?


Notice: This may sound as if I am just saying positive things just because I work at Abigaelle Closet but I pledge to say the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth.


I was someone who wasn’t used to shopping online, until I discovered Abigaelle Closet and I have to admit that in the beginning I just tried it out to support the owner as she was starting her business. Plus, she was a Burundian breaking the stereotype of the lazy youth that does nothing but party and get in trouble.

So I scrolled through the website and found ankle boots that pleased me. I ordered and was very satisfied when they got back to me with an email confirming that the order was received and another one telling me the shipment was made.  This is exactly the first reason why I love Abigaelle Closet. As it is a small business, communication with the client is easily made. There is a touch of personal support that one can barely get in other online stores.

The second reason is simply because I can finally shop at a place that doesn’t only sell crop tops, exaggerated mini-skirts…  And do not get me wrong, I get that it has become the trend but it just gets on my nerve that I can barely find a decent piece of clothing that fits in any store I walk in. And let’s be real why would I pay a full price for half a piece of clothing? Honestly I’d rather cut it myself. Easy.

Reason number three is yes I like decent clothing BUT “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”. I do not want to look in the mirror and ask myself why in the world I bought this dress or that pant because although they may be fitting in the category of decent clothing they just do not match my personal style. Abigaelle closet gave me a large set of choices that conveyed to both my wish and need. High five for that.

I most of all love Abigaelle Closet because I like to put my money where I can see it. Invest in good quality clothing, and at a lower cost than what I usually pay? Count me in. Support a friend, while getting something in return? Where do I sign? Send gifts oversees, without paying for shipping? Abigaelle Closet where have you been all my life????

Cheers to Abigaelle Closet, to inspiring youth all around the globe, to decency that respects style and to the truth I promised and shared.


-Thiena Corlie Gapfasoni