“Abigaelle closet helped me with my preparations” Said Nelly



Nelly Nzabampema is one of our first wedding gowns’ customer. We interviewed her about her experience with us. She took a minute from her busy schedule to respond to our questions.


Abigaelle Closet Team: How did u learn about Abigaelle closet?

Nelly:  If I remember correctly, the first time I heard about Abigaelle Closet was through a post from Reynolds Butari . I decided to take a look and found the owner was one of my prayer mates

AC Team : Why did you choose to get your wedding gown from us?

 Nelly:  For the first sight, I was doubting and my friends were like ” don’t do it” but inside of me I thought that I should give it a try. Also knowing Judicaelle personally convinced me that I should order. I contacted her, asked her questions and she was so ready to help.

AC Team: Did your gown came as expected? How can you rate the customer service?

Nelly: As I said, Judicaelle was willing to help me in everything plus they kept asking me questions to make sure my gown came perfect and for that, I will rate the customer service, EXCELLENT. My order came as expected. I am so thankful as it allowed me to take care of my other wedding preparations stress free.

Thanks to Judicaelle and Abigaelle Closet


Abigaelle Closet was pleased to be part of Nelly’s wedding. We will share her gown’s pictures after her wedding. We appreciate her time and we honor her as our faithful customer. Remember we do custom made wedding or any evening gowns. We also offer free jewelry that goes with the dress.