Who are we?

Abigaelle Closet is fashion company operating at www.abigaellecloset.website. We are a family of young women working with amazing men to sell a message through an outfit. We believe in sisterhood. We believe girls can build an empire together without jealousy and envy. We believe in the empowerment of women as leaders. We believe in Decency. […]

Yes, I love Abigaelle closet. But why?

Notice: This may sound as if I am just saying positive things just because I work at Abigaelle Closet but I pledge to say the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth.   I was someone who wasn’t used to shopping online, until I discovered Abigaelle Closet and I have to admit that […]

We Prone Decency

  Someone once said that in order to succeed you must protect three things: Your vision, passion and decisions. Nothing from the outside should affect them. It is now that I understand it. Owning a business is not easy but it’s doable. When the vision is still deeply rooted in us, it is safe. It […]

What you need to know about shopping online

We are aware shopping online is something that terrifies people. “Indeed we should be terrified when we are pulling out there our card information” I once told myself. Now that I own an online store, I have got to realize the game out there. An online store is made by many things: a domain, a […]